Published On: Mon, Jun 19th, 2017

Capcom Teams Up With Bandai Namco For Improved Matchmaking

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Today Capcom announced a cross-licensing agreement with Bandai Namco Entertainment in order to improve its online matchmaking.

The two entities are teaming up to accelerate the production of titles for both companies, as well as to lower the development costs of projects. Capcom stated that with this agreement, the company will "continue to explore cross-licensing opportunities." 

This news comes after Capcom's recent update to improve Street Fighter V's matchmaking, and Bandai Namco's launch of Tekken 7, which featured Street Fighter's Akuma as a guest character.

[Source: Capcom]

Our Take
It's important to note that the "cross-licensing" exchanges might just be referring to back-end matchmaking technology, and not fun stuff like characters or game franchises. So although "Tekken X Street Fighter" is still pretty unlikely, it's cool to see two of the biggest names in fighting games teaming up to better the entire genre. – The Feed

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Capcom Teams Up With Bandai Namco For Improved Matchmaking